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I teach all ages of children dance and I have a high rate of exposure to a lot of sick children. Dr. Brown’s Lymphatic Massage has kept me healthy and well. I have used Dr. Brown’s treatments to keep my immune system strong. Thanks to Lymphatic Massage I have remained well throughout the entire year.

-Danielle Claire, Dance Instructor Choreographer, Sedona, Arizona-


I was debilitated with some disorientation and had difficulty with walking and speaking, after the first treatment I felt alert and coordinated and even felt good enough to tell a few jokes. 

-Herschel Bryant, Professional Photographer, Sedona, Arizona-


After being diagnosed with a serious infection that my medical doctor said would not heal for at least 30 days, I was healed within 2 weeks with Dr. Brown’s Lymphatic Massage protocols. I felt better immediately after receiving the very first treatment and even better after other successive treatments.

-Dr Harlan Sparer, Non-Directive Force Chiropractic, Sedona, Arizona-


I had osteoarthritis and I took over the counter pain-medication everyday to ease the pain. After my first lymphatic treatment with Dr. Brown, I drove 800 miles and traveled for two weeks with no pain or even discomfort. After receiving a series of treatments I have never had to take arthritis pain medication again.

-Kathi Scali, Massage Therapist, Sedona, Arizona- 


After Dr. Brown’s lymphatic massage treatment, I have never felt more relaxed in my entire life.

-Raymond Wiley, Goldsmith Sedona, Arizona-



I contracted a very serious virus. During my first Lymphatic Massage, I felt better even before I got up of the table.

-Jon Cogan, Mountainbike Heaven, Sedona, Arizona-



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