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Become a practitioner of The Original European Lymphatic Massage Technique.


For the practitioner, Dr. Brown offers the following services:


LEARN RAMA CHI -(Self Help Lymphatic Massage) 2 HRS. Learn to heal yourself through Rama Chi. This is a unique combination of Tai Chi and Lymphatic Massage. Better than a trampoline for stimulation of the immune system. Easy to learn.  Easy to do.  Taught Every Monday in the Red Rocks of Sedona.


Course Deposit $40


BASIC COURSE – 3 DAYS/25 HRS.  Learn the hands on full body original European Neo-Vodderian Lymphatic Massage technique.  Emphasis will be on technique, touch, and protocol.  In this class, you will learn the original Vodder full body technique which will enable you to immediately begin a therapy practice utilizing Lymphatic Massage.



Friday-Sunday 2 times per month                               


Course Deposit $100.00

INTERMEDIATE COURSE – 3 DAYS/25 HRS. Build on the skills learned in the Basic Course with the addition on therapeutic applications and techniques. Instruction by appointment.           


Course Deposit $140.00

ADVANCED COURSE – 3 DAYS/25 HRS. Focuses on advanced therapy techniques as well as the energetic/distance applications of Lymphatic Massage. Instruction by appointment.


Course Deposit $140.00

ADVANCED ENHANCEMENT PROTOCOLS– 1 DAY/8 HRS. Whatever style of Lymph Therapy you may have learned, this will make your lymph drainage better! (Pre-approval required)


Course Deposit $140.00

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Low Cost Luxury Accommodations available for students and patients

Learn The Original European Lymphatic Massage Technique
An evolutionary leap from the physical to the energetic!

The Foundation for Holistic Health Therapy
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Office hours by appointment


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Dr. William Brown is an internationally recognized Holistic Health Practitioner and teacher of nutrition and the Lymphatic Arts.

Dr. Brown is the "CURATOR OF THE ORIGINAL VODDER TECHNIQUE." and a Nationally Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist